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TV and the politicians

The obsession of Talk, the dictatorship of spin doctors, the lack of a vision and the authority that there is: when the future is entrusted to the slogans is a future that there is no

By Gianfranco Gatta

Verba volant scripta manent but the image immortalizes you forever and reveals who you are. 

Today’s politicians, televised by their "communication experts" still have not understood what harm they do (and to politics in general) going every moment in the various Talk shows to shoot their propaganda of the moment. They do not understand that authority matters more than the survey of the day; the first is difficult to acquire, the second is extremely changeable.

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Personal skills are not enough if not accompanied by a convincing political project to have authority, just as propaganda slogans do not build a project.

Between social and TV all politicians run to appear and externalize, when instead the moment is so serious that it would serve more silence, more industriousness and greater harmony, at least in the tones. 

It is not for nothing that the motto of the carabinieri is: "Obey by keeping silent!"

That Giorgia Meloni is a "thoroughbred horse", as was said in the old DC is out of the question; the only woman "party secretary", created a new right destined, according to the polls, to a position of strength in the next parliament so much that we hope to be able to lead the country, quite legitimately. It is not a small thing if you think that everything happened in a few years, the time of a wretched legislature.

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In this perennial election campaign, an all-Italian political anomaly, he has more "internal enemies" to his center-right coalition than political opponents deployed on the opposite front. In this context, it is pointless to explain why, technically, a proportional electoral system would be more useful to you than a majority electoral system.

What you want to highlight is her speech at the convention "No Vax" in Andalusia; reason on why those statements accompanied by those tones so out of proportion for a smart person like her. We talk about images that have been around the world, arousing wonder and suspicion in the chancelleries of half the world. Those who hoped for a process of moderation for a competitive right were stunned and disappointed.

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Affirming that we are in favour of a traditional family, that we want safe borders, that work must be a priority for Italians means expressing legitimate and shareable values but it does not mean that we must be against a humanitarian and controlled immigration, it does not mean that we must be against civil unions because even these are values and are not in opposition, if we do not want to flaunt them instrumentally. The continuous litany: "I am patriot" suggests that others are not, while and we give you a news, about sixty million Italians are!

Those overexcited tones, those witty eyes belong to a prossemic that certainly conquers the Andalusian audience but enchantingly loses authority in the eyes of the rest of Europe. He earns in the local poll but misses an opportunity to be credible and acceptable as a future premier.

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In a healthy democracy (it would take a perfect world) it is profoundly wrong to criminalize the opposing ideas just as it is detrimental to demonize the adversary and in the moment of emergency, as the ancient Romans taught, we put ourselves in a tortoise, all together.

And then they call them "communication experts"!