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Female pornography: a new world to discover

How women become part of a world considered to be "male"

By Giulia Lucci

For many years pornography has been considered an off-limits world for women, as time goes by many of us are striving to demonstrate that a woman can become part of any reality.

The exploration of female desire is a recurring theme in the debate on pornography, even more so if we talk about sexuality in general and if we refer to the differentiation between male and female.

The main "problem" arises from the relationship between women and pornography. Pornography itself, or rather, the so-called mainstream pornography, usually tends to represent desire as a one-way feeling and will, thus creating an imaginary in which the woman is not free since her drives and desire are not minimally represented nor satisfied.

In fact, according to feminists, mainstream pornography uses a visual language, and dialogues that once again underline the submission of women, as they want to reflect the imagery of its users.

The figure of the woman in contemporary pornography is in fact represented within images and dialogues in which she is often "reduced" to a sexual object available to man and treated as if it were a product. The woman seems to please and indulge the alleged male desires.

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Everything leads us to think that pornography is created by men for other men. You will ask yourself "what about women?". In reality a solution exists, indeed more than a solution I would call it a better choice also known as: female pornography.

It detaches and differs from the mainstream in a rather blatant way, female pornography is ethical and authentic. Female pornography gives birth to a completely new red light cinema, with one main goal: to satisfy women.

This new pornographic cinema wants to revolutionize the panorama of female pleasure, breaking down archetypes and stereotypes present in mainstream pornography, which are often far-fetched.

This new genre was born following the publication of Annie Sprinkle's autobiographical text “Post-porn modernist. Twenty-five years as a multimedia whore" in 2005. The author from porn star becomes actress, director and performer of new films in which she highlights the female body and gives light to women's sexuality.

The main subject of adult films created by women is their pleasure. Female pornography is not a means by which to excite the masses for economic purposes, women in porn make films aimed at research, experimentation and sexual education.

Precisely for this reason one of the main characteristics that distinguish it from mass porn is the will to break down stereotypes related to the body. Pornography as we know it has long been distributing an artificial and manipulated idea of ​​the female body.

In female pornography you will not see remade or necessarily perfect bodies linked to the canons of the classic model or of fashion in general. Women want porn to be something fun and authentic.

However, although it is still considered a niche pornographic production, there are many names of female directors who enjoy high success, such as Erika Lust, Swedish feminist director, film producer and writer. Erika Lust is perhaps the most successful contemporary female pornography director. Her repertoire includes over one hundred short films and four pornographic feature films and several publications.

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In her works Erika Lust speaks of sex explicitly and without veils, while at the same time paying attention to the attention to detail, both related to the plots and to the relationships between the protagonists of his stories.

In her view, the world of pornography definitely needs women to play the role of director. According to Erika, women are able to express and tell female pleasure with more passion and realism.

The interest in pornography was born in Erika when she was still attending university and was nothing more than a young woman struggling with her first sexual experiences.

From the first time she entered the world of pornography for her, adult films have become from a means of "discovering something more about sex" to something that generated an inner conflict in her, this is because mainstream pornography for Erika Lust was stimulating but only on a physical level, she immediately became aware of the fiction that was represented by the actors, especially the protagonists, so she felt the need to take part in the change.

Erika Lust wants to stand out, her works must be unique and flawless. According to her, mainstream pornography, with its stereotypical representations, presents the public with only two models in which to reflect: the "silicone barbie" and the rough and muscular man. Erika Lust in her works instead wants to show her audience the boys and girls "next door”.

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Erika Lust makes her way into a world dominated by men with strength and determination, she knows how to make herself known and how to stand out from the crowd.

Her style is unmistakable given the attention to the millimeter of every aspect of the production, from performance to exceptional photography. Her gaze and sensitivity make Erika an excellent director capable of making adult films in which women's sexuality becomes a universe to be explored and not something neglected. In 2004 Erika Lust published her first short entitled “The Good Girl” for free online.

In a short time it reached more than two million views. Today Erika Lust Film manages 3 streaming platforms: Lust Cinema, Erotic Films and XConfessions. With her work Erika Lust does not want to put mainstream pornography in a bad light, she simply wants to detach herself from it because it is not in line with her thinking.

In fact, Erika Lust with her work so unique and different does not want to increase prejudices or criticize people's personal tastes, simply what she does is rather add points of view and knowledge that until now had gone unnoticed or left in the background.

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Un post condiviso da Erika Lust (@erikalust)