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Foot Locker's ss21 campaign for art lovers

Wear More Art

By Giulia Lucci

It is not the first time that fashion meets art but perhaps the first in which brands encourage their buyers to become passionate about this culture.

Foot Locker for the ss21 lets himself be carried away by this current of thought, creating an entire collection in collaboration with two exponents of the art world: the Italian street artist RED and the London tattoo artist Jade Chanel.

The two, in collaboration with the company, thought of a line that was open to everyone. Man, woman and child. A collection open to anyone who wants to join them in wearing art. The purpose of this collaboration is to sensitize people to different forms of art, even those considered “street art".

RED and Jade Chanel invite anyone interested in finding their own stylistic path not to miss this opportunity to demonstrate their style and inner art.



Image: Foot Locker Press Office