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Jacquemus and the most desired bags of the moment

This is how the trend was born which is proving to be more lasting than expected

By Giorgia Festi

"My name is Simon, I love blue and white, stripes, the sun, fruits, circles, life, poetry, Marseille and the 80s"

He is Simon Porte Jacquemus, the enfant prodige of French fashion.

Born between Marseille and Avignon into a humble peasant family, he sees fashion as a vocation and, thanks to the efforts of his parents, he moves to Paris to further his studies in the field. The capital and its rules disappoint Simon who, after his mother's death, decides to leave fashion school to devote himself to his first collection. So it was that in a small tent studio in the heart of Paris, Simon's first collection was born, and he decided to call his brand Jacquemus, a tribute to his mother's maiden name.

He didn't have much money so minimalism was a necessity, which still remains his hallmark today. His authenticity has taken him far, keeping him firmly in the values that his family has always passed on to him: the memories of Marseille in the 80s and his mother come to life in every collection, allowing him to be the director of a sophisticated yet contemporary style.

If Jacquemus is the trendiest maison today, it owes it to accessories and especially to its bags. The mini bags created by Simon Porte have become the object of desire of millions of women, who without a Jacquemus in the wardrobe do not feel part of the fashion universe.

Among the icon bags signed by Jacquemus there are: Le Riviera painted in pastel color and with magnetic closure, are characterized by a thin handle enriched by two minimal rings, Le Petit sac noeud, small handbags in leather with a tone-on-tone fabric handle ton knotted, Le Nani the smallest model, capable of holding a lipstick, with built-in shoulder strap, Le Vanity, small and pretty hand-painted buckets with button closure.

In recent seasons, however, Simon Porte Jacquemus has been acclaimed for a bag model that has made the hearts of all women fall in love, from fashion victims to fashion addicted Le Chiquito. The bag par excellence of the SS20, is present in three versions: Le Petit Chiquito the smallest and in the shoulder strap version, more than a bag a jewel to carry with you Le Chiquito the classic, mini but essential where you can insert the bare minimum, Le Grand Chiquito, which reaches the size of a larger and more functional bag.

With this model, Jacquemus managed to satisfy the desire of fashion icons, from the world of fashion to that of music, launching a trend that could also become a real work of art. Surely today, we could consider it a status symbol.