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Interview with SHUTING QIU: when east meets west

SS21 Collection: an extraordinary journey to an ordinary place

By acrimonia

A path to the west is that of SHUTING QIU. From the first approach to fashion in Antwerp, to the discovery of Sara Maino, SHUTING has clear ideas and one of the first ways to get away from the current pandemic situation is the dream.

We virtually met her and asked her some questions about the SS21 collection.

The SS21 collection is an extraordinary journey to an ordinary place. The reference to the lockdown period where traveling with the imagination was the only means available to us, seems clear.

Yes,  the concept behind SS21 and behind the video was a sort of way for me to react to lockdown and to travel limitations.  Before lockdown it was normal for me to travel to European cities such as London, Milan and Paris for work and to exotic countries such India and Morocco for leisure and inspiration but since March, I could not travel anymore and while designing SS21 I was dreaming of sandy beaches on a summer day,

With the setting I  wanted to communicate a cheerful mood.  The collection was presented with a film inspired by Marin Parr’s documentary-style beach photography, showing girls clad in the SS21 collection, walking in heels on the sandy beach, rendering relaxed and cheerful scenes of a summer holiday, a summer wonderland.

Some pieces of the collection even feature color-and-white stripes fabric that resonate beach balls and parasols.

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The attention to a more sustainable fashion concept is getting stronger and stronger in fashion. Is it difficult for a new  brand to respond to this planetary need?

I think definitely it is difficult and challenging , but I also fee it is our responsibility as fashion designers of our generation to be more aware and more concerned about sustainability.

I have paid attention to sustainability since my fist collection incorporating repurposed fabrics and sustainable elements of decoration in my pieces and I definitely wan to to do more.

This season I increased the use dead stock fabrics and recycled denim, which were combined with handcrafts and mixed with fabrics that are typical of SHUTING QIU. I also try as much as possible to produce my collections in my Shanghai atelier  collaborating with a small team.

Why the choice to show in Milan? What drives you to this fashion city?

I was scouted by Sara Maino from Vogue, when I just graduated and was having my first sales campaign in Shanghai fashion week and thanks to her support I got the endorsement of CNMI which invited me to show in Milan. I had the opportunity to show on a runway in a stunning location in piazza duomo. It was an incredible experience and  this season, I felt I wanted to keep being part of Milan, where I hope I will soon come back to have a physical show.

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Can you mention the Three key things to get inspired from when building a new collection?

My personal experience, the society around me and my personal interests

How does fashion in China approach western needs and western taste?

It is kind of hard to say. I am a Chinese, I grew up in China, but I got my fashion education in Antwerp. I think my taste is deeply influenced by both Western and Chinese culture. I never think about how I approach western taste, I think it comes automatically.

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Un post condiviso da SHUTING QIU (@shutingqiu)

Visualizza questo post su Instagram

Un post condiviso da SHUTING QIU (@shutingqiu)




Image: SHUTING QIU Press Office