Inès de la Fressange x UNIQLO: discover the collection!

Ready to move to Paris?

By Margherita Verdiani

January 23rd 2020. Wanna a lil reminder? Save the date and get a sneak peek of the looks here below... the new Inès de la Fressange x UNIQLO SS20 collection is coming out and we're honestly really excited!

Inès is 62, she's been THE french supermodel and Karl Lagerfeld's muse for Chanel maison. Now she's a well known designer and a timeless style icon and we're still so fascinating by her natural elegance and simplicity. She totally embodies the French chic, of which a good part she created herself.

The collection, soon available on uniqlo.it and in Milan's store (first italian physical store), perfectly matches UNIQLO's philosophy that comes from Japanese values of quality, simplicity and longevity. Uniqlo garments cleverly combine comfort and design together in a fit so apt that you'll rarely find at such a fair price. Fine fabrics and clean lines turn a basic and potentially boring piece into a longlasting passepartout of everyday life.

de la Fressange's capsule celebrates traditional values and pays tribute to every woman on earth, it's composed of 54 essential pieces that spurt 'Franceee' from every pore and well, Inès don't want to hide its origin and rather making it a strong point in her job. It's divided into 3 lines:

Sporty and timeless style with masculine cuts in a white and green color palette, inspired by the summer looks at the Paris Olympics in 1924. A fairytail for those who prefer comfort and for those who have long dreamed about the 'rhombuses golf' and here you can also find a wide variety.

Typical nickname for Arles's cowboys, located in south France and Inès's fav place. So many contrasting colors stand out in the city that have fueled Van Gogh's agony and have also soaked part of this collections.

Lightness and softness play together in this line. Long dresses with sweeter cuts with which IdlF wanted to remember women in 1920s and their newfound freedom. The floral prints and big ruffles will project you in a Provence boulangerie during summer on the notes of 'Quelcu'un m'a dit'.

January 23rd, but we have already said it. Inès x UNIQLO with a SS20 collection, said this too. We have warned you, now it's all up to you girls.