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The boom in masturbators for men

While in the female world the use of sex toys is now cleared through customs, for men it has long remained taboo


"If you want a thing done well, do it yourself". According to this proverb, if a person undertakes an activity on his or her own, he or she may be able to do it surprisingly well, better than if he or she involved other people. Applied to the world of sex toys, this proverb is apt, to say the least.

While, however, in the world of women, the use of sex toys is now commonplace. Just think of several episodes of Sex and the City dated now more than 15 years ago , in which the benefits are explained and even training courses initiated, for men it remains, on the other hand, a taboo, which after the period of isolation due to Covid has, however, become increasingly popular.

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Designed to more or less realistically mimic the sensation of vaginal, anal or even oral penetration, these sex toys are going gangbusters.

It all began in the late 1990s when Steve Shubin, a former member of the Los Angeles Police Department, shared with his wife Kathy the joy of becoming a father of twins. The pregnancy is high risk so Steve is advised not to have sexual relations with his spouse until after the birth.

"Will you be offended if I find something to replace you?" he told his wife 20 years ago.

Agreeing with her, he invested $50,000 and together they produced a patent for a kind of human torso bent at a 90-degree angle, with all orifices sandwiched between ribs and knees ready for use. The first artifacts were not as successful as hoped and sadly remained unsold among the stockpiles.

He thus proposed to his partner the idea of a replacement, portable, handy vagina that could console males from castrated instincts, protect them from promiscuity and save them from the temptations of marital infidelity.

Thus comes to light one of the best-selling sex toys in history: the plastic vagina. It is basically a kind of penis sheath, practical and handy, rigid on the outside and soft on the inside that looks like a vagina, anus or mouth.

The Fleshlight is not a particularly elegant object, but men vouch that it is undoubtedly the closest artificial experience to penetration: it is pleasant and fun to use and can also be useful for keeping the penis in training, an organ that by its very constitution needs to stiffen and soften to avoid atrophy.

On the market there are ones for all tastes and all types of males. Just like women, who are not all the same, each fleshlight has its own internal anatomy and adjustable orifices that simulate the contraction of pelvic muscles during intercourse.

On the online marketplaces there are thousands of products with different designs and textures that cater to the fantasies of both heterosexual and homosexual audiences, whose prices range from 10 to 300 euros. But not only that there are also phallic rings, lubricated eggs, penis sheaths, pumps, prostate massagers, and more.

Experts say sex toys are good for couples because they can create unique opportunities for pleasure and connection, making the shared sexual experience satisfying and exciting. In addition to "livening things up" in the bedroom, using sex toys together helps evoke more intense versions of the sensations you already enjoy and helps you feel more intimately connected to your partner(s).

Especially couples who have been together for a long time often make a greater effort to keep their sex life as exciting as possible. That's where the time for sex toys comes in.

They thus become a tool for reinvigorating the initial passion, and help keep the flame always burning. Acquaintance increases, the couple's affinity is maintained for longer, and sexual desire also seems to spike upward.

It is, therefore, official that the vibrator for her or him is no longer the third wheel. Ready to go shopping?



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios