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Cases of fake rape in Rai TV series: how to minimize gender-based violence

In a moment of maximum emergency what should television tell?

By Gianfranco Gatta

We have already written about the disaster of Italian fiction, but not everything. We have already mentioned the poor quality, the responsibilities of the productions and the shortcomings of actors and directors.

Perhaps the shortcomings of the authors have not been highlighted. We have to see who is the boss: the producer, of course. But the productions are based on the approval of the public and this has not really been mentioned. Serious lack. So it can be said that, for transitive ownership, the public is also home and master.

A fierce controversy has arisen in recent days regarding three fiction films produced by Rai: “Mina Settembre”, “Che Dio ci aiuti” and “Lolita Lobosco”, each guilty of containing a case of fake rape.

Due to the obvious incompetence of the current Fiction management and the direction of RaiUno, which are used to take the merits of others, these series went in time sequence, with the three incriminated episodes very close.

Here a moment of confusion arises because, on the merits, it is not clear whether to be indicted is the close distance or the fact of having narrated a fake rape. In the latter case, having repeated it three times would be blasphemy.

We are talking about three different fictions, which set the record for share and viewers (the masters) and that only one can be defined as “Crime”: “Lolita Lobosco”.

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As for Che Dio ci aiuti” he is the flagship, together with “Don Matteo” of Italian Catholic culture, “so well represented” by RaiUno.

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While “Mina Settembre” has consecrated Serena Rossi as one of the best Italian actresses and has had an extraordinary success, to be confirmed with a second series.

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Now, all the Crime productions and screenwriters in the world draw their material from real cases, despite the legal formula that in the credits reads: “The facts and characters narrated do not refer to reality”. Bullshit! Not even Pico della Mirandola would have such a production capacity.

In Italy it works like this: in the press room of the Central Police Headquarters there is a large book called Mattinale” which is updated by the marshal on duty, mind you, not pinned or brigadier but the marshal, who from time to time transcribes any arrest and criminal facts that have occurred. Criminal reporters consult him, deciding what to publish and what not to. Then there are the court archives, another inexhaustible source of crimes that actually happened.

These are the archetypes, then everything is readapted, scripted, stereotyped, interpreted; this applies to the entire world of “Crime”.

This also works for “Forum”, Canale 5, which has nothing to do with Fiction, but which in turn represents, with actors, the real quarrels and civil cases born in the family.

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The point is: if the indignation arises from the fact that three episodes of fake rapes have been broadcast consecutively, then it is right to regret it, even if talking about indignation seems exaggerated, but perhaps it becomes instrumental to the fact that it was Rai to put them. on air.

It would be more correct to highlight the individual responsibilities which are all of the competent departments: Rai Fiction, RaiUno and Schedule Management; this applies to Michele Anzaldi, secretary of the Parliamentary Supervisory Commission for radio and television services, who never misses the opportunity to take it out generically with the company and its artists, without ever entering into the merits of individual managers, who are now increasingly scarce professionally.

However, if you want to deny that in real life they existed and still exist in the news that see some women reporting fake rapes, well then these last-minute polemics are out of reality. In fiction, no one invents anything as has been said.

Of course, in real life these cases are, fortunately, infinitesimal compared to the disgust of real rape but they must be stigmatized and reported, not only to protect the injured, as is necessary but above all to protect the credibility of the many women victims of rape, extremely questioned by an obtusely male-dominated system, especially when it comes to preventive complaints.

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The issue of victim blaming is so complex and painful that making it a divisive controversy on social media with the intention of criminalizing Rai is a sensational damage to the collective conscience.

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Perhaps many pseudo polemics would do better to read a few more newspapers and spend a couple of hours less on the Net.