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Generation Z: the value of musical fluidity as a form of freedom and expression

Labels don’t exist for Gen Z: music is what defines the concepts of freedom and identity, as Post-Millennials’ highest form of expression

By Lucrezia Candelori

When speaking of Gen Z, it seems extremely difficult to be able to give a definition of it that is suitable and exhaustive. 

However, there are some adjectives that may help to better understand the main traits of this varied and multi-faceted generation: heterogeneous, inclusive, free and fluid

And it’s right freedom and fluidity that characterize one of the highest forms of expression of Generation Z: music

It would be impossible to categorize and narrow Zoomers’ taste in music: Gen Z artists, as much as Gen Z consumers, don’t belong - and don’t want to belong - to any genre, be it musical or identitary. It suffices to think of personalities such as Madame or Billie Eilish, just to mention two singers that clearly wanted to get rid of any labels or impositions, revolutioning the national and international musical scene.

Collaborations between artists with opposite backgrounds are commonplace in the Gen Z world, and the claim to the right of being themselves - without limitations - is a real mantra of this generation. 

For Gen Z, music represents a real bridge connecting voices, experiences and cultures, different from each other but capable of reflecting every human being’s interests.

Social media play a crucial role in all of this, since Zoomers were born and raised with them. The possibility of always being connected, informed and updated undoubtedly had a strong impact on the way of thinking and relating with the external world of this generation.

Moreover, being able to potentially connect with everybody, allowed Gen Z to express their most creative side, through collaborations (not only musical ones) between artists and creators. 

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In this sense, music appears to be Generation Z’s core engine, the most effective way to convey emotions, to share and transmit moods, the purest and most direct form of expression of such a complex and multifaceted generation. 

Freedom of expression and identitary fluidity thus become two of the biggest ideals music is able to spread, ideals that Gen Z is proudly becoming a voice of.