FENTY SKIN: Rihanna launches the new culture of skincare

FENTY SKIN is available on fentyskin.com from July 31st

By Elisa Grasso

You're screaming too, aren't you?

FENTY SKIN is the skincare line we've been waiting for, and the expectations here are very high!

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Fenty Skin is launching July 31st exclusively at fentyskin.com!! What do ya think @badgalriri is bringin?? 👀🤔 Stay tuned to see what we got comin’ and get early access to shop by signing up at fentyskin.com!

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Just two days ago the Instagram account @fentyskin was born and the first post already reveals what will be some of the products of the line: Rihanna is in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, dedicating herself to her skincare by washing her face with a foaming cleanser, applying then a lotion (tonic/essence/who knows) and finally a cream.

The video kicked off a flood of interactions on all social networks, sparking the curiosity of the entire beauty community, letting perceive as the brand's goal what Rihanna has always been committed to with FENTY BEAUTY: inclusiveness.

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“The wait soon done sis” #FENTYSKIN is comin’ July 31st exclusively at fentyskin.com... Sign up for early access to shop at fentyskin.com

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The FENTY SKIN skincare line will be available exclusively on fentyskin.com from July 31st, but by registering on the site you will have early access to July 29 for the purchase of the products.

Never before is it appropriate to say: Bitch better have my money!