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Brat mania for dummies

The new album of Charli XCX is the manifesto of the transgression of women


You may have already come across posts, perhaps memes, with a neutral background, on which stands a word in Arial Narrow: a return to minimalism? Another one of those "blue and black dress or white and gold" puzzles? None of this; the explanation is in a word: BRAT, and the merit is the homonymous and last album of Charli XCX (for those who do not know: it says nothing Boom Clap?), released last June 7. But what does brat mean? Was the phenomenon or the album born first?

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From the Cambridge Dictionary: "a child, typically one that is badly behaved". If you listen to the tracks of Brat, maybe it is the case to combine it with the feminine: the British singer born in 1992 is an expression of the cute but sour girl, just like the green cover of her album, party and transgressive, tired of having to behave always in a way. Manifesto of brat-girl mania is 360, single in which the fashion icon Nineties-Two thousand, of which the girl brat type is fashion victim, combine it of every color, often at the expense of men: if 360 was a movie, it would definitely be Poor Things! by Lanthimos.

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Symbol of rebellion, a bit rude, the brat girl loves fashion, if made by Balenciaga even more. The brat aesthetic includes knee-high leather boots, tops and baby tee shirts, strictly without bra, skirts alternating with low-rise pants. Must have that complete outfit are squared and vintage sunglasses, baguette leather bag on the shoulder. A little my loneliness is killing me vibes, a little twin Olsen in Rome, the brat mania fits into the wake of nostalgia of the Nineties, the one that clogs the Instagram feeds with glossy and blurry photos, Kodak FunSaver style.


Brat girling it — brat girl summer is in full effect around here

♬ 360 - Charli xcx

An aesthetic that speaks of emancipation and self-determination in an innovative way, out of the box. The music critics have already crowned Brat of Charli XCX pop album of the year, in spite of the Swifties eternally queuing these days. Whether it will be so or not, the brat girls will not care: they finally have a music manifesto that talks about them.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios