Bottega Veneta and the indiscreet luxury that has conquered us

History and iconic bags

By Giorgia Festi

A bag composed of flaps of leather that intertwine with each other giving life to unique pieces of their kind. The Bottega Veneta bag is the accessory that combines style, innovation and luxury.

Born in 1966 in Vicenza, the Bottega Veneta maison has always been a symbol of Italian style, craftsmanship and authenticity. Its Made in Italy soul has never been a brake, but one more reason to spread globally and be the spokesperson of a decidedly refined Italian style. The use of natural colors such as beige, brick, sage green and the use of clean and minimal lines are the characteristics that distinguish Bottega Veneta, whose style has been defined by experts as "indiscreet luxury". The connoted and easily recognizable style is also due to Tomas Maier who led the maison from 2001 to 2018. After such a long and well-done job, the German was replaced by Daniel Lee, a young Englishman from Saint Martin, who with his skill refreshed the brand while maintaining the original taste.

There are many iconic garments that Bottega Veneta boasts, but most of all to win customers are the bags, which in recent years have brought the visibility of the maison to the stars.

First of all, the Intrecciato Bag, the absolute icon composed of large flaps of leather intertwined with each other. The multitude of colors means that every enthusiast is attracted to this accessory, a symbol of quality and luxury. No less important is the Pouch strictly in leather and with a gold chain, a classic example of opulence of the Bottega brand. Whether in the classic version or with the weave, it is becoming popular on social media and among street styles, carried by hand or on the shoulder. The Jodie in the braided version has become famous for its knotted handle and even if it has now left its previous companions in the spotlight, it remains a representative must-have. Last but not least, the Arco Bag, a less seen and recognized model but with great potential: wide strips of leather creating a dense weave, the basis for a more rigid bag suitable for any occasion.

Craftsmanship, noble materials and professionalism are just some of the values that transpire from Bottega Veneta, which is allowing Italy to be recognized worldwide as a reference point for classy products and "indiscreet luxury".