#BODYGOALS: body products for summer 2020

Ready to have a hot body?

By Valentina A

With summer at the doors and increasingly large portions of skin that are discovered, we rediscover the need to take care not only of our face, but also of our body.

Legs, shoulders, arms have never been so exposed. It is therefore important to pay attention to these areas often overlooked during the winter, to make them hydrated, soft and smooth.

For the summer of 2020 many interesting news are planned in the field of body care, here are the most interesting:


The creamy consistency of this precious firming, modeling and nourishing body cream transforms the daily treatment ritual into a moment of pure relaxation. Its modeling ingredients offer well-being and efficacy: shea, mango and cocoa butter make this treatment rich and moisturizing, leaving a soft and smooth skin, proof of minidress. The exclusive minceur complex of active ingredients slows down the formation of new cells of adipose tissue, firms the skin and reshapes it, also giving it a boost of energy. A complex of bitter orange extract and caffeine stimulates the melting and burning of fats, while capsaicin, a brand new active ingredient, improves microcirculation and oxygenation, slightly increasing the surface temperature, expanding the effect of all active ingredients .


Melvita organic shower gels are free of chemical soaps, made with a foamy base and with a 100% natural fragrance. In addition, they are 98% biodegradable in 28 days. The lemon and linden honey shower gel has a fresh and delicate fragrance; it is enriched with royal jelly to cleanse and hydrate respecting the hydrolipidic film, it is formulated without soap and sulphates and produces a light mousse that wraps the body like a caress. The pink and acacia honey shower gel, on the other hand, creates a thinner and more oily mousse, which hydrates and cleanses the body, wrapping it in a more flowery fragrance.


We all know which is the most precious ally during the sultry Italian summers, even if it is hardly considered as a real beauty product; for this Lycia has created its first deodorant with skincare ingredients: the Beauty Care line guarantees a pleasant freshness for 48 hours, respects the skin having a percentage of alcohol of 0% and combines hyaluronic and prebiotic acid, with repairing function, to respect the skin even in the most delicate moments, such as after depilation, releasing a delicate floral and slightly powdery perfume.

Available in spray, roll on and vapor.


A new routine to feel more beautiful and self confident by remodeling and toning the most critical areas of the silhouette: the Deborah Group laboratories have developed two new products designed to remodel and tone the most critical areas of the silhouette. The new Dermolab beauty cosmetic training consists of two different formulations with targeted actions: a cold-effect anti-cellulite gel that acts to reduce the orange peel effect and increase the drainage of excess liquids and a cream specific impact anti-cellulite to streamline and tone critical points.


Anti-cellulite gel with a fresh and light texture that guarantees ultra-rapid absorption and absolute comfort during application. Its formula is rich in anti-cellulite active ingredients with toning action. Effectively combats cellulite blemishes and pads, with a pleasant cold effect thanks to active ingredients such as seaweed extract (firming, it prevents the formation of new fatty tissue), caffeine (draining, for excess liquids), menthol (refreshing , stimulates capillary microcirculation), escin and caritin (reactivators of cellular metabolism) and hyaluronic acids with high and medium molecular weight (moisturizers).

The results can be seen after about 28 days: water retention consistently improved, visibly decreased orange peel effect, considerably smoother skin tissue and more toned and elastic skin. Dermatologically tested.


Anti-cellulite cream with a velvety and non-greasy texture that absorbs quickly but allows massage: it combines anti-cellulite active ingredients with a slimming action. Its shock action is effective to combat cellulite and resistant pads, located in critical points such as thighs, buttocks, belly, arms and knees.

With algae extract (firming), caffeine (draining stimulant), centella asiatica and guarana extract (slimming and fat burning), hyaluronic acids with high and medium molecular weight (moisturizers at multiple levels). Helps keep skin smooth, elastic and toned.

After only 14 days of use, it guarantees a significant reduction in the thigh circumference and an effective slimming effect, a visible reduction in the orange peel effect and a more compact and reshaped silhouette.

Dermatologically tested.