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“An environment for the body”: Hana Tajima x UNIQLO

Fluid silhouette comfortable soft fabrics and functional

By Sofia Tonola

The cycle of life, for every woman is different, certainly marked by many stages, involving both our mental and physical state. Sometimes it’s easy to a little more complex, but, we all need an ally, and what better than clothing? 

That’s why the British designer Hana Tajima, with her refined, elegant, but above all comfortable style has launched a collaboration with the renowned brand UNIQLO.

Designer Hana Tajima, based in New York, is managing to change the way women dress, giving security, freedom and functionality, with designs inspired by her education in different environments.

This lifewear collection with the theme An environment for the bodyreflects cultural diversity from a global perspective, giving life to fluid silhouette models, with soft fabrics and elegant shapes.

I was really interested in the idea of clothing as a sort of "environment" for our bodies and I considered how things feel when they are worn. I focused particularly on the tissues that move smoothly along with the body. 

This was a collection to wear in everyday life, and this is where it intersects with Uniqlo’s Lifewear philosophy. I want Hana Tajima for UNIQLO to create a positive environment for both the body and the spirit of the wearer” declares Hana Tajima.

Starting from the analysis of daily life, from familiar environments, everyday habits and managing to improve them, is a symbol of wisdom, so a good clothing that offers fit, comfort and adaptation to changes, is a sign of evolution.

A collection of fluid shapes, that follow the movements of the body, from a simple style and with a great attention to the seams, creating clean lines with exceptional comfort. The turtleneck sweater, smart details and design on the neck, offers new levels of comfort. 

The natural colors echoing the shades of wood and minerals, with floral patterns and motifs inspired by sculpture and traditional weaving techniques, recreate a natural atmosphere.

Fluidity, elegance, style, class, but above all contemporaneity... So what are you girls waiting for to feel free to be able to express yourself, because the answer is only within you, because in any case it is nice to put your heart... The rest will be taken care of!



Image: UNIQLO Press Office