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YACKTING CLUB: the collection that makes you feel “at home even if far from home”

A line that feels like a plate of mom's pasta after a long journey, the sound of the keys turning in the door in front of you, a place where you don't have to pretend, home

By Angelica Tanzini

YC, a unisex line for men and women. It was born from the need to bring a new discussion into the world of ACK, the independent brand 100% Made in Italy, born from the Italian-Swedish Rebecca Larsson and the designer Alessandra Scorletti.

YC is also 100% Made in Italy, it supporting the local economy and it creating welfare for its employees. YC was born with the need to support each other and create something new together, it was created for people with the aim of creating an inclusive and positive place, where everyone is welcome. All, all humans, because YC has no gender, but it is created for all genders.

YC combines a sense of unity and support to show that we are not all the same, but the diversity among people is the most important quality to make our society rich. We can be different but united and the same in sharing the same goal.

YC emphasizes that we all come from the water, from the sea. Water, the mother element. Water, the substance of which we are made. Water, the sea, peace. We all look for the sea when we need peace, and this is the element that unites us, just as it unites YC to ACK.

YC offers a quality product at a reasonable price. Comfort comes first. The garments are welcoming, beautiful. YC was not born to change your life or to be cool or to be at the top, it was created to make the wearer feel at ease, in peace, at home away from home.



Image: YACKTING CLUB Press Office