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Viva la vida? No! "Viva La Vulva", the new Nuvenia campaign

Irony, colors, diversity and mostly, no misconceptions: all about “Viva La Vulva”

By Carola Varano

The commercial created by Nuvenia for the “Viva La Vulva” campaign is a a short, almost psychedelic, journey between metaphoric imagery and pads. A mix of irony, colors and different forms that leaves zero space to all the nauseating stereotypes we are used to.

How many times have we seen menstrual blood represented by a clean blue liquid? How many times have we seen happy and unrealistic faces promote a certain brand of pads in some commercials?

It is undeniable, taboos of our society go along with stereotypes that mass media culture continues to nourish, especially when it comes to female body issues. Today more than ever taboos needs to be broken. Nuvenia, famous hygiene products’ brand, seems to understand it very well.

It’s not new the commitment of the brand in order to represent menstruation in a realistic way and to break the traditional schemes. With the latest campaign, Nuvenia wants to create more awareness around vulva, a unique part that comes in all forms and shapes and that cannot be subjected to beauty standards.

With its unmistakable name, “Viva La Vulva” wants to be a creative and colorful celebration of female body, but it is also a tribute to diversity of natural female forms.

The commercial, that has just been released in Italy, has reached more than half a million views on YouTube. The spot is part of a short video, published in 2018 and rewarded at some of the most important creative festivals.

The campaign launch has been followed by an exhibition that took place at Spazio Six in Milan. Using different forms of expression, some artists had the chance to present their artworks about female body taboos, its anatomy and its sacrality.

Accanto alla campagna è nato anche un portale di informazione ed educazione intitolato Chiamiamo le cose con il loro nome – si dice mestruazioni e vulva”.

“Viva La Vulva” is a real women empowerment project that wants to educate through the normalization of  natural female body activity and its real image.