Victoria's Secret: Robyn Lawley lashes out against the exclusivity of the show


By acrimonia

"[...] Girls have to recognize themselves in those who parade", "[...] I want real cellulite on the catwalk", these are the statements of the model Robyn Lawley who has never hidden her dislike of the lingerie empire. Robyn, host of Tommy Little's program, said that men are part of the problem and that the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a show that tends to exclude diversity, the beauty of individuality. "Join me, let's try to change Victoria's Secret, which has to bring more diversified silhouettes on the catwalk and make more inclusive choices!" Her is a rather pretentious request, the model, in fact, would like to boycott the fashion show until the brand will engage in the representation of all existing types of women. An Instagram post with a clear and concise message: #weareallangels.
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