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UNIQLO x Flock Together: the new Airism collection for SS21

The “Take Flight” campaign celebrates freedom and supports mental health.

By Lucrezia Candelori

A collection in the name of innovation and inclusivity: this is Airism, the collaboration for the SS21 born from the partnership between UNIQLO and Flock Together.

The Japanes clothing giant decided to collaborate to the “Take Flight” campaign with Flock Together, a birdwatching collective that brings together young people in a natural environment, giving them mental support and creative tutoring.

Flock Together’s pillars are nature, celebrated in its purest form through the creation of a unique and calm space, and the fight against preconceptions about black people, fought through visibility and transparency.

“Take Flight”, the campaign born from the collaboration between the two brands, celebrated the innovation of Airism, an extra-light fabric realized with special fibers which allows those who wear it to feel light and free to move without any impediments. The perfect match between comfort and functionality.

“We are very excited to share “Take Flight” as the first step of our partnership, all of us can do everything in this moment with a support to mental health, and with this project we hope to remind everybody the simple steps that we can do to protect our mental health during difficult times”, said Ollie Olanipekun, CEO of Flock Together.



Image: UNIQLO Press Office