A healthy pink box will aid the Fondazione Veronesi

Good recipes, good ingredients, for a very special cause!

By Alessandra Nava

Citrus - l’Orto italiano, a fruit&vegetable firm based in Cesena, and ADO, Associazione Nazionale Donne dell’Ortofrutta, teamed up together for a special good cause which focuses on female healthcare. Breast cancer’s, uterus cancer’s and ovaries cancer’s prevention and healing can be sustained by making a simple and yet powerful, healthy action.
From February 24th until March 8th, 60 000 limited edition boxes filled with one kilo of fresh fruits&vegetables will be sold on www.citrusitalia.it and in the biggest Italian supermarkets. The sweet rosy packaging sketches by the artist Elisa Cocchi already show the box’s charitable aim. For each box sold, at the symbolical price of 4,99€, 50 cents will be devolved to the Fondazione Veronesi, a longtime institution that has always improved its research in fighting and healing cancerous diseases.
Pink is Good is a powerful project that creates a social web between women, who are the ones who lovely grow and select the greens you will find in your box. Buying a box is not just about spending money on a good cause, but also about taking care of your own self, introducing some more fruits&vegetables in your diet. How many times did you stop yourselves from buying some healthy fresh spinaches or cauliflowers, because they were too expensive or too hard to cook?
Carrots, lemons and more will become the bases for tasty, healthy recipes, such as a delicious carrot cake. Let yourselves be inspired by the mild wind of springtime and the baby blue sky, and get your box when you go to the supermarket. Why not buying one for your friends or your beloved moms&grandmas?
Pink has never been so good!