A Casio for every occasion

The watch that adapts to every style at all times

By Giulia Lucci

For the new collection Casio renews and embellishes the Vintage line giving new light to the iconic models that we all know, thus creating a Casio for every occasion.

The new A1000 line includes five new models. The use of refined and valuable materials gives the models a more current style. Simplicity and functionality are typical of the Casio language, but the Premium collection is decidedly more refined and glamorous, it owes everything to the choice of colors. The nuances chosen for the collection are current, from the classic silver revisited in two shades up to rose gold, peach and pale pink.

Over the years fashion has evolved and with it also our personal style, only one thing has remained identical: the taste for simple things. Precisely for this reason Casio has never changed language and style, over the years it has been renewed to never leave us disappointed but has always remained consistent with the original line and this is why we can consider ourselves real fans of this brand.

We talked about a Casio for every occasion but let's go into more detail, let's see how to best enhance each individual model.

The A168WEM-2EF model with a classic design and cold and delicate colors is designed for those who have a minimal but at the same time lively style. Take for example the Dutch @brunabear. In her photos with an always cheerful mood, whether they are selfies or photos taken by friends, Bruna always shows a smile. Her outfits are simple and minimal, but there is never a touch of color. Precisely for this reason the A168WEM-2EF model is perfect for her.

The B640WC-5AEF model, on the other hand, is a watch with brighter nuances and perfectly matches a decidedly more whimsical look. @marianne_theodorsen is an eclectic Norwegian influencer, lover of the color block, his looks are full of colors and patterns always combined with style. The B640WC-5AEF watch with its bright and bright color will enhance every outfit.

For a more refined style, the A1000MCG-9EF and A1000-7EF models are perfect for two Italian girls, we are talking about Annacarla Dall’Avo and Simona Carlucci @annacarlaesimona. Become famous for their never banal style and for their hashtag #NOFACE, in all the contents they never show their faces, making the gaze of their followers focus exclusively on their outfits. Animal prints and bright colors alternate elegant outfits with a more American look. The undisputed queens of the mix and match. The two models of the Premium collection can be perfectly combined with their every look and on every occasion. Being friends, they can also exchange watches whenever they want, creating always original combinations every time.

The latest LA680WEGA-9ER watch is gold in color and the one that most of all reflects the Vintage collection. His boldness and his strong line with these most important shirts, almost for men, make this last model more daring. The influencer that most reflects the sense of strength and boldness is @sallyssneakers. From Denmark it has become famous all over the world for its immense collection of sneakers. Sally does not care to be masculine by always wearing sneakers, her skill lies in knowing how to combine feminine outfits and sneakers, always proving very cool. The gold of the watch will perfectly match all its looks, even the most sporty ones.

The Premium collection therefore offers five different models, one for each occasion, all that remains is to buy and wear them, taking inspiration from the influencers you prefer to match the new watches in an always new and stunning way.