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All the stars’ magical power: welcome to Dérive's Yoga Sessions, in collaboration with Nike Yoga

The regenerating power of yoga meets the sun and the stars, accompanied by evocative soundtracks

By Alessandra Nava

On such a wonderful time, Dérive, a 2.0 community linked to sport and well-being, organized in collaboration with Nike Yoga a cycle of three regenerating sessions, dedicated to the cyclical repetition of specific exercises.

They consists of video-sessions, recorded in the frame of the Scalo Lambrate, and dedicated to cyclical exercises such as that of the sun, the moon and the stars. Repetitive, energizing and regenerating sequences, accompanied by evocative ambient soundscapes, music for the body and soul.

The session dedicated to the moon was held last Thursday, 17th June. The next one, focused on the beneficial power and the masculine and fearless energy of the sun, will be presented on Wednesday 30th June at 1pm, accompanied by the soundscape of Sara Berts. To close the cycle, Wednesday 14th July, will be a yoga session dedicated to the stars, again at 1pm, with a stellar soundtrack composed by IOKOI.

The sessions can be found on the Nike Training Center (NTC) app, and are an excellent opportunity to carve out a special moment to dedicate to yourself, in a moment of pause and rebirth like the summer one.

Enjoy your summer with the yoga sessions of Dérive and Nike Yoga!



Image: Dérive x Nike Press Office