All the new Converses: from past to present, with style

A few new vintage-y pieces, but also the latest model designed by the one and only Tyler, The Creator

By Alessandra Nava

Converse are an all time favorite thing. Their iconic design renewed itself during all these years, always interpreting the zeitgeist, always pushing itself towards something new. Converses are both made to be rocked during our everyday lives, as well as to be religiously collected.

The brand has recently dropped a new collection which is all based on sweet nostalgia.

The Pro Leather Pack, titled “Through The Decades”, reinvents the sneaker’s classic silhouette, using new color combos and performative materials.

We played a little game, trying to match every sneaker model to a super it girl from the past, the ideal ambassador of each decade.


Madonna, a pop-culture trailblazer, the epitome of a star, dressed up in laces and bows and frills, was our first choice, the embodiment of the wild 80s. The Pro Leather 80s would have been perfect matched with her scandalous outfits.

Noami Campbell

Naomi Campbell, a goddess for us all, is actually human, and sometimes she reminds us well (and that’s why we love her even more). During Vivienne Westwood’s FW 1993 runway show, young Naomi was wearing a pair of super punk, super high heels, and she soon stumbled to the ground. We rewrote history, imaging a way more comfortable pair of Pro Leather ’90 to fit her feet.

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw, the heroine we all deserved, a true myth of fashion, was never seen without a pair of expensive high-heeled shoes at her feet. Since dreams don’t cost a thing, we’d wish to see stomping through Manhattan with a sexy chic taupe dress and a pair of Pro Leather ’00 at her feet.

As for the 2020, her comes the coolest one in the game, Tyler, The Creator. The young, talented artist is both a great singer and a great designer. His brand, Golf Le Fleur, mixes streetwear and sophistication. Tyler and the Converse team worked on this project for almost two years. The result is Gianno, the ultimate contemporary sneaker. Its leather details, embellished by the soft shades Parfait Pink and Lightblue, match with a solid upper. We think they would be perfect matched with the deliciously so-50s outfits wore by Olivia Newton-John, aka Sandy, in the unforgettable movie “Grease”.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow: a Converse is forever cool.