Thirty years of Pixar, the exhibition at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome

From October 9th: “Pixar. 30 years of animation”

By acrimonia

From October 9th Rome will host, at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the exhibition "Pixar. 30 years of animation ". After the MoMa in New York, it will be the Italian capital to show some of Pixar's greatest masterpieces. From Toy Story to Coco, Cars, Monsters & Co, Ratatouille. They are a team of creatives and directors who give life to the animations, using traditional instruments and miming them with art instruments. “The exhibition traces the history of Pixar from its foundation, together with research work and the production of digital images” says Maria Grazia Mattei, curator of the Italian edition. ““Pixar. 30 years of animation” is designed to deepen the work of what is a true digital renaissance workshop that creates masterpieces, where hand drawing, sculpture and computer science coexist on the big screen in a harmonious synthesis. Digital, for Pixar, is both a tool and a language. We are facing a sort of new Humanism: thanks to the mixture of innovation and creativity, we look at technology in an artistic and profoundly human dimension.” Trent’anni di Pixar, in mostra al Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma_acrimoniamagazine Monsters & Co. Trent’anni di Pixar, in mostra al Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma_acrimoniamagazine2 Ratatouille Toy Story