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Treatwell and LILT together against female cancers

Beauty center: the new safe place

By Giulia Lucci

Italian girls and women constantly undergo hair removal treatments in numerous beauty centers. Few of them, however, know how much in our most intimate part there is much more than a few hairs to eradicate.

Seven women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every day: at least one loses their life every twenty-four hours. Despite these alarming figures, only 3 out of 5 women undergo a Pap Test, the most effective tool to date for correct early diagnosis.

But why does all this happen? 

The answer is very simple, women are ashamed to talk about certain topics. The curious thing is that most Italian girls and women find it much easier to talk about their intimacy with their beautician and not with a gynecological doctor. The relationship that is established between a woman and her beautician could almost be defined as a relationship between sisters, with her doctor instead always remains that “divising wall” that creates embarrassment.

How many times in your life has it happened to you to undress in front of your beautician without the slightest problem and how many times have you felt uncomfortable doing it in front of your gynecologist? 

This is the question at the basis of “Ceretta Salvavita”, the awareness campaign launched by Treatwell together with the provincial sections of Milan, Monza Brianza and Rome of LILT - Italian League for the Fight against Cancer and sponsored by the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan with the aim of breaking down the taboos related to cervical cancer and promoting prevention.

From a survey it emerged that most Italian women undergo groin hair removal from an early age but that very few of them have undergone a Pap Test. Fear perhaps? Embarrassment? As reported by Treatwell, one in two women feel uncomfortable undergoing a medical examination involving their private parts, the percentage of embarrassed respondents drops to 39% when it comes to lying on the beautician's bed for a groin waxing.

A greater self-awareness would help women in the fight against cancer, knowing that in our intimacy there is not only aesthetics but also something more important would certainly improve the situation.

Given the fear and lack of knowledge on the part of women of the medical tests they should undergo frequently, and the greater confidence that is established between the beautician and client, Treatwell and LILT have created a trick: making the beauty center a new safe place.


Through “Ceretta Salvavita” which aims to make the beauty center a space where you can talk about prevention. 160 partner salons in Italy were provided with information materials on the incidence of cervical cancer and on the Pap Test which, associated with the gynecological examination, is still the most effective tool for a correct early diagnosis. The campaign, in addition to providing the centers with information materials on the prevention of cervical cancer, will donate to those who cannot bear the cost of the Pap Test, inviting anyone who wishes to contribute to the #JoinTheFight campaign by Ceretta Salvavita.