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Three products to add to your hair routine for perfect hair

They say that hair makes 90% of a successful selfie, here are some tips for their care

By Camilla Alcini

If you too have a bathroom full of hair products, you can't miss three new products coming soon. Three different products for hair care that will help you get the perfect hair: healthy, strong, protected and bright.

The first step is to integrate Hairburst vitamins into your daily routine. These vitamins are not only shaped like delicious raspberry unicorns to ingest during breakfast, but they also have the precious characteristic of being vegan and cruelty free.

The incredible strengthening effect on the hair is made possible by Biotin, Zinc and Selenium, as well as vitamins B5, B12 and B6. These elements will give life to more resistant and shiny hair, even going so far as to thicken the hair and lengthen it. Particularly suitable for brittle or damaged hair, Hairbust are formulated only with safe, natural and tested ingredients.

But that's not all: Hairburst has a whole range for an even more complete effect, which includes shampoo, conditioner and elixir for eyelashes and eyebrows, available on their website

Hair care continues during the day and night thanks to a precious ally: silk. This is the philosophy and mission of Francine Haircare, a Made in Italy brand born in 2020 of handmade products in Bologna that wants to revolutionize the beauty routine and pamper our hair. Like? With 100% Italian and high quality silk, the brand's only innovative ingredient, of which pillow cases, scrunchies, hair bands, headbands and eye masks are made.

To those who ask why silk, founder Francesca Cavicchi replies: “During the quarantine I happened to read many articles and blogs about the beauty world and, among these, the use of silk as a product for the care of skin and hair. I tried to deepen the subject and, by informing myself in more detail, I discovered a world that is still little known in Italy. Francine Haircare was born to bring everyone what my passion has always given to me: the well-being of feeling good about yourself”.

In fact, silk contains serine, a protein that hydrates and illuminates, sericin, an element similar to keratin which is part of the hair fiber. Components that moisturize but above all protect the hair from breaking and tangling. All the silk products, including particularly noteworthy for those who want to take care of their hair even at night is the innovative Pillow Case, are available on the website

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Finally, once strengthened and protected, the hair will need an ally in styling that will remove the unpleasant effects of winter humidity (yes, I'm talking about the dreaded frizz!). Frizz is a distant memory with milk_shake, the latest creation by concept that treats and shapes the hair with apple, lemon and blueberry extracts before styling.

The anti-frizz effect is removed thanks to the use of a waterproofing film that covers the hair, sealing the cuticle. The protection, however, is not only from humidity, but also from thermal stress and color fading.

Furthermore, milk_shake reduces drying times and increases the manageability of the hair. It does not weigh down, contains no perfume, leaves no residue and has an eco-friendly packaging, but as if that weren't enough, the effect of milk_shake can last up to 2 or more washes!




Three products that will make your hair strong, healthy and shiny. Which one are you going to try?




Image: HAIRBURST, milk_shake, Francine haircare - Press Office