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Three bon ton looks from House of Sunny

It's not true that bon ton is a rules' execution!

By Fabiola Graziosi

For years and years, like any teenager/girl/adult to be, I looked for who I was. So, retracing the gallery of my images, I have to say that I have experimented with different phases regarding my looks, without ever exaggerating. And this "without ever exaggerating" has allowed me to become aware of what really was the style that most made me feel myself.

I am not precise, I never have been (ask all those who know me). Is that why I look for extreme precision in clothing? It is not a question of combinations, of rules (I would not make it), but of a desire for visual balance at the moment of the result, at the moment of mirroring.

One of the brands I love most is House of Sunny. English brand that promises to make clothes for a casual look every day, without losing the formal elegance and at the same time cool and current thanks to some very welcome (to me!) Details. The brand is also sustainable, so why not get to know it together?

I decided to offer you 3 looks to make with the brand's clothes, which perfectly represent everything I have just told you about me and my mirror moment:


Coordinates or suits, those who know me know it, are a must for me in the wardrobe. They wink at the always perfect Lady Diana looks, and let's face it... they are the fastest choice you can make to not stay three hours staring at the wardrobe and then becoming aware of having nothing.

Practical, fast and guaranteed result!


As I said at the beginning, a bon ton look is not a performance of rules, of combinations of colors or fabrics. It is the representation of balance in the result. Or at least it is so for me. It is therefore not enough to demonize garments, which have very little to do with bon ton, in this case jeans. Diana, a visionary, had already understood that. They are an expression of simplicity, a characteristic which, as Edsger Dijkstra said, instills serenity and trust in others.


One of the trends of this season that I appreciate the most is the sleeveless sweater. It is a bit like one of the pieces of English high school uniforms. With a simple pair of trousers, it's the perfect look for a relaxed Sunday. In the company of your dog, in a relaxing place to recharge and get ready for the week.

I wonder if you too will create your own House of Sunny Look. Click HERE.