The Umberto Veronesi Foundation project, in collaboration with Citrus l'Orto Italiano, is back

"I limoni per la ricerca"

By Margherita Verdiani

The precious collaboration between CITRUS - l'Orto Italiano and Fondazione Veronesi never disappoints, 'cause once again this year it will finance the work of doctors and researchers, supporting research and scientific dissemination in a fragile and needy moment like this.

How? By donating 40 cents to Fondazione Umberto Veronesi for each lemon pack, sold at the price of €2. 'Primofiore' lemons from 'la bedda Sicilia' are not treated on the surface, selected and chosen by CITRUS and packaged with 500g of lemons.

When? From April 15th to 30th. Where? In all Italian supermarkets and discount store.

CITRUS is a forward-looking company – says Monica Ramaioli, general manager of Fondazione Veronesi, always ready to team up for good and healthy reason; and on the other hand, Marianna Palella, the super young ceo of CITRUS, feels the need to be united for being able to give life to the production system and to this activity that wants to build a heritage of growing knowledge.

Two women, and their companies, who won't give up even in this hard time of our lives, and yet they are more and more passionate about.

Waiting for better times, buy the lemon pack and enjoy this incredible Sicily's smell that will take you straight back to Mondello's beach and at the same time you will take care about those who now are taking care of us.