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Toogood x BIRKENSTOCK: design and lifestyle come together to surprise

When comfort meets style

By Sofia Tonola

For this spring, where comfort and functionality in our homes have become the basis for the flow of our days, BIRKENSTOCK and Toogood have come together for an extraordinary collaboration where comfort and design are the keywords.

Toogood is a London design studio founded by two sisters: Faye Toogood, who cannot be pigeonholed into a single discipline and does not identify her work in a predefined way, deals with interior design, objects for the home, art and fashion ; on the other hand we have Erica Toogood, the fashion branch of the business. This mix of art and design gave birth to the English brand where sculptors, architects and illustrators create incredibly avant-garde works.

This is why BIRKENSTOCK, the historic lifestyle brand rooted in the creation of the insole, where the notions of quality and functionality give strength to the product and the concept of well-being is developed in sleep systems and natural cosmetics, has given birth to this strong collaboration.

“A mix of pure craftsmanship and quality that does not compromise. Faye Toogood's interpretation and unique talent create a completely new version of our models ” says Oliver Reichert (CEO BIRKENSTOCK).

Walking, dressing, living and sleeping are the aspects of our daily life which, combined with functionality and sculptural design, redefine the classic BIRKENSTOCK models in the organic flavor of the materials and with the development of hand-made sculptures by the studio, taking inspiration from the idea “objets toruvés” (fragments of the past rediscovered to give life to collections). From here were born three different models of sandals for men and women: Forager, Mudlark and Beachcomber.

The collection is based on a palette of neutral colors (gray, black, white and a touch of yellow) that create the footwear collection, accompanied by a capsule collection of workwear and accessories with fluid silhouettes.

However, this magnificent collaboration is not only based on the creation of a collection in which comfort must be worn, but starts from the sleep system, where a bed covered in leather on a cork base and with the exclusivity of the natural BIRKENSTOCK mattress has been created.

Available on exclusive request at

“For me BIRKENSTOCK represents comfort and timeless, recognizable and sculptural forms - qualities that I admire and seek. We share many values, from high quality materials to manufacturing processes. The opportunity to extend our partnership beyond footwear, to clothing and a bed, has brought a holistic approach to the design of the collections, reflecting the way I think and work” says Faye Toogood.

Elegance, neutrality and a passion for well-being together have created a wonderful collaboration from which we can only take inspiration and make it a part of our daily life.

The collection will be available from April.



Image: BIRKENSTOCK Press Office