The 70s girl of the summer 2019

By Claudia Matrisciano

For some years, there are collaborations between designer and celebrities, or celebrities who decide to launch super cool collections, capsules or brands. We saw Adidas with Beyoncè and his Ivy Park, Selena Gomez with Puma, Rihanna with the famous Fenty and Gigi Hadid with Tommy Hilfiger (with two collections). This last one has established a real bond with the young Hollywood world, creating sparkling events for the presentation of Tommy Now collections by Tommy Hilfigher, that is young, fresh and fun shows with the See Now Buy Now mode. The first two collections of Tommy Now were created in collaboration with the top Gigi Hadid who, had presented pieces with a beachy soul for the first collection, and biker and strong, for the second. This year the last entry and young bet for the Tommy Now event was Zendaya, born with a series on Disney Channel and then flown into orbit in the American Olympus both as an actress and as a singer, dancer and activist. TommyxZendaya_acrimoniamagazine1 Like any self-respecting collection, that of TommyXZendaya, represents both the aesthetic and the soul style of the two designers and, in fact, the new SS19 has as its theme the iconic and strong women of the 70s America. A capsule that celebrates inclusion (each garment is for all sizes and body shapes), individuality and emancipation. Looking at the garments created, you can see very much the pop and elegant style of the young actress: there are jacket-trouser suits with hand-drawn prints, inspired by the zodiac signs, of which Zendaya is completely obsessed, but also more simple and young with a sartorial taste with line, of course, super seventies. Jackets that follow the shapes and flared trousers, for a young boss woman, who loves to mix the most classic and retro garment, with colors and prints always in step with the times. TommyxZendaya_acrimoniamagazine2 Not only the prints and patterns are the master in this collection, but also the super bright colors that have characterized the era of the 70s. Colors are present above all in jersey, enveloping dresses, in shades of emerald green or white or in color block dresses in shades of burgundy and fuchsia. A mix absolutely in line with the era. For knitwear, another super must, Zendaya and Tommy Hilfigher have opted for striped patterns in warmer colors such as chocolate brown combined with cream, or pullovers where the colors of black and gold merge to create a simple look that doesn't goes unnoticed. These jerseys are perfect to be worn with the high-waisted red leather skirt or with the classic and timeless flared jeans or palace, which for this collection have been revisited with plays of light-dark denim stripes. TommyxZendaya_acrimoniamagazine3 The highlight is the t-shirt, classic white, made of organic cotton, with a very pop print. Each graphic created depicts one of the twelve zodiac signs. However, in the collection there are not only garments for every day, but also garments for the most fun and wild evenings. Here then sequins and light. Evening dresses are inspired by the super top colors of the 70s glam record. Sequined dresses with colorful patterns and stripes, like the one worn by Anna Cleveland during the Paris fashion show, a single shoulder dress, floating and super shiny for a woman ready to shine on the runway; or even a gold-colored lurex jumpsuit, with cut-out details, to steal the show at the most exclusive parties. A little pop and a bit sophisticated. This is the young woman from Zendaya: pop and sophisticated; she is cheeky, but very sensitive to details. Able to be a boss woman by day and one with a fun look in the evening or summer mornings with her simple  bikinis in shades of midnight blue or bright yellow. The strength of this duo was to combine the stories and their own visions of the female figure, creating garments that were really suitable for all types of ages, lines and body shapes; but they were also inclusive in the price, so that all could afford the items and also to be able to feel all the days beautiful, simple, of impact and super fashionable.

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