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Happy Birthday Zac Efron!

From High School Musical star to 30-year-old nature lover

By Alessandra Nava

Thirty-three years ago, October 18th, in a sunny Californian valley, Zachary David Alexander Efron was born a natural beautiful Libra. Since it’s his birthday, we’d like to make a whole throwback of his career and his life. Only one thing never changed: he’s always unbelievably handsome.
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May your holidays be epic. 🎄#happyholidays

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He grew up as a normal child, but since he was kind of both shy and frantic, his parents persuades him to attend drama clubs in order to grow up and make friends. Given that he was already gifted with charisma and looks for days, he started taking part in small local productions, and also took drama classes on a regular basis. Only 19, he turned into a global star thanks to his role in “High School Musical”, the ultimate Disney Channel Original Movie. His character, Troy Bolton, both a handsome playmaker on the basketball field and an incredible performer on a theatre stage, made millions of girls’ hearts beat. Zac’s beauty, made up by a cascade of fluent blond hair which frame two mesmerizing blue eyes and the smile of a trouble maker, was just breathtaking. He turned into a worldwide sex symbol, and his posters were hung in every girl’s bedroom (I had more than one too, I mean I was so in love with him). 
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Swipe to see what love at first sight looks like

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“High School Musical”’s trilogy displayed his versatile talents, ranging from acting to dancing, from singing to swinging. He also starred in “Hairspray”, a major production in which he played beside John Travolta and Queen Latifah. In those days, millions of fans were mourning his blond hair. He had to turn into an Elvis-like heartthrob, and his hairstyle was all about short, super greasy black hair. 
After the musical debut, he starred in many other different movies. In “17 again”, where’s he’s never been so beautiful, he faced a comic role for the first time, and in the meantime, he also went dramatic in productions such as “The Lucky One” and “The Paperboy”, where he played next to Nicole Kidman. Zac played Robert De Niro’s upright grandson in “Dirty Grandpa”, a politically incorrect dude in “Neighbors”, in which he collaborated with Seth Rogen, a Saturday Night Live legend. Recently, he touched every critic’s heart with his moving and disturbing performance of the serial killer Ted Bundy in “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile”
And we must not forget his roles as a sexy fit lifeguard in “Baywatch”, as a magician in “The Greatest Showman”, where he had a fictional love story with Zendaya, and his cameo in “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”, when he played a nerdy boy. 
Talking about serious things… were you team Ashley or team Vanessa? During the “High School Musical” era there was this love triangle between Zac and his female co-stars. Although he had some flirts with Tisdale, he took thing seriously with Hudgens. Th two of them were a thing for five years, and became the ultimate epitome of #couplegoals. We loved them so much, being so cute and in love and gorgeous and talented and famous. The Zanessa will always have a special place in our hearts. Follow @miss2005 for regular Zanessa’s throwbacks. 
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Zac also had an affair with Lily Collins, who’s now starring as Emily in “Emily in Paris”, as well aa a few other flirts. He confessed he was an alcohol and drug addict, and he decided to go to rehab and undergo major therapies in order to get through this. The flashing lights of fame are not always easy to manage, and Zac’s brave choice to speak up about it can only be praised. 
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What a night. London showed up! 🤟#extremelywicked

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Nowadays, he’s rocking a beard and a very healthy, almost holistic, lifestyle. His latest project, co-produced with Netflix, is titled “Down to Earth with Zac Efron”. Zac travels around the world, from Costa Rica to Sardinia, and finds out locals traditions, food, sources of renewable energy and how people coexist with nature, respecting it
Our Zac’s a grown man now, and for his birthday we wish him sugar, spice, and everything nice, as The Powerpuff Girls would say. We wish him to become whatever he wants, whether it’s being a dad, a husband, an athlete, a wine entrepeneur… Happy birthday Zac. We’ll forever be yours