TÄNKVÄRD: IKEA brings Scandinavia together with Japan

The collection that combines freshness with calm

By acrimonia

The new IKEA collection is called TÄNKVÄRD and is the perfect fit between Swedish freshness, the country of origin of the furniture giant, and the calm and reflective style of Japan. TÄNKVÄRDIKEA_acrimoniamagazine2TÄNKVÄRDIKEA_acrimoniamagazine4TÄNKVÄRDIKEA_acrimoniamagazine3 The pieces of the capsule with a handmade appeal convey tranquility and serenity, perfect for the home of anyone who wants to relax. The materials in which they are made are very simple: natural fibers, rattan or jute. TÄNKVÄRDIKEA_acrimoniamagazine5TÄNKVÄRDIKEA_acrimoniamagazine7TÄNKVÄRDIKEA_acrimoniamagazine6 The fabrics to be worn are in linen and cotton in soft colors like white or blue. The part of the furniture seems to have been created in perfect dialogue with the part of the fabrics. TÄNKVÄRDIKEA_acrimoniamagazine8TÄNKVÄRDIKEA_acrimoniamagazine1 Run to discover the capsule in store.