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Szade: between coolness and recycling

Available, in Europe, the new collection

By Milena Soci

From 18th May 2021, the Australian brand "Szade" arrives in Europe with its new e-commerce, presenting its second collection of recycled and recyclable sunglasses. How many times, over the years, have you unfortunately happened to break, scratch or even lose a pair of glasses, making them obsolete and unusable?

Have you ever wondered where they end up once they are abandoned? While consumerism continues to prevail, some guys in Melbourne have thought about the future. I'm talking about the founders of Szade, a 100% eco-sustainable brand that reclaims discarded, broken sunglasses, miserably destined for the landfill, creating new ones that are in turn entirely recyclable. The aim of this visionary project is to develop an avant-garde virtuous circle, sensitising the fashion world to the issue of recyling, while still maintaining a very cool design.

"During the creative process, we felt compelled to create a product that gave the consumer the choice. The power to decide to buy and wear products that don't harm the planet is fundamental. It's never too late to feel cool, it's never too late to care about the environment, without compromise. In fact, as well as almost completely eliminating material waste, Szade sunglasses have been made for any type of face, in terms of size, colour, fit and above all identity. Each piece, deliberately unisex, supports genderlessness with open arms, proving to be ethical as well as sustainable.

"No waste, no discrimination, no exclusivity, no boundaries" - confess Szade's founders.

The revisited classicism of the design is complemented by the craftsmanship of the individual products, which are reconstructed and finished by hand. Moreover, thanks to accessible prices, the world of eco-sustainability is finally expanding, levelling out that ideal gap between quality and environmental commitment.

The constant commitment and transparency in production is evident in the packaging, consisting of recycled and reusable cardboard boxes, but also in the sun protection, thanks to the high quality Category 3 lenses that protect the eye from UV-A, UV-B rays even with intense exposure.

"The Szade's team consider ourselves as a movement or a network of individuals thinking the same thing: to break the wasteful, destructive and unsustainable cycle of fast fashion."

After almost two years of assiduous research to create the right concept and develop an ethical design, Szade obtains certification from the Global Authority on Sustainable Goods, after being audited and accredited with the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) on its material supply chain and product composition.

"See a better world, see with Szade".



Image: Szade Press Office