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SUPERFLUID: presents the oil "so far so smooth"

The oil that gives the gift of accepting and loving oneself

By Sofia Tonola

Summer has come, sun, sea, travel... and our skin needs so much hydration, what better way to do it than with the new "so far so smooth", the fast-absorbing moisturizing body oil presented by SUPERFLUID, the brand born to make the skincare simple and no-stress.

Accepting and loving oneself are the foundations: today society is doing its best to foster this new culture of acceptance, believing that true beauty is not in defining itself according to the standards, that is why Aurora Ramazzotti has become the Ambassador. 

She has always been actively committed to spreading self love, creating a perfect union, with a powerful message: live the skincare as a gesture of love for ourselves in a simple, practical and fun, without chasing a model of perfection.

An oil designed for rapid absorption, super nourishing, enriched with hemp seed oil, sweet almonds, blueberry and jojoba to nourish and moisturize dry skin, creating an enveloping effect, but without so many complications, thanks to a formula designed to blend instantly with the skin, giving softness and elasticity.

For the application just warm up a small amount in the palms of your hands and massage it on the skin, a gesture of kindness.

Perfect for both winter dryness and sun exposure in summer.

Girls, cultivate the love for yourselves, take some time to give you a simple gesture of love, because to love you means to feel loved.



Image: SUPERFLUID Press Office