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SuperFluid: finally the first physical corner in Milan!

The 100% Italian brand of simple, fun and completely vegan skincare is now available at Annex Rinascente in Milan

By Gaia Bencini

Aren’t you tired of the brands that in 2021 still continue to transmit unrealistic (and now antiquated) beauty standards; that limit the freedom of each of us to be who we really want to be and that remain anchored to the usual distinction "there are things for men and things for women"?

Aren't you tired of buying polluting products, tested on animals, which in the long run, in addition to ruining our body, destroy what surrounds us?

If the answer is yes: you absolutely must go to the beauty department of Rinascente in Milan and discover all Superfluid products!

Superfluid is a 100% made in Italy, 100% Vegan and 100% human inclusive brand!

Created by Alberto Scotti, the brand is based on the idea that true beauty is love and acceptance towards ourselves and that the uniqueness of each one of us must be lived with pride without affixing labels.

A brand finally not only innovative but also genuine: Superfluid represents one of the pillars of the Cruelty free battle, it is committed to using only recyclable products for packaging and promotes various projects both in terms of sustainability in Italy and of Mental Health.

Superfluid's innovation also concerns the approach to skincare: no longer stressful and forced, but simple and fun, with the message of self love, acceptance of oneself and of our skin at any time. In short, Superfluid encourages you to experience beauty as it really should be lived: a unique human experience, without exclusions.

In the Superfluid team there are people who have had a certain path, for example with acne, and who can therefore really talk, communicate and understand certain issues.

At this point you are probably wondering: what are the must-have of Superfluid?

Surely Superbalm is the most loved lip balm on instagram, but a must-try product is the “so far so smooth”, a rapidly absorbed moisturizing body oil, to which we had already dedicated an article.

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You can find all Superfluid products from the 21st of September in a dedicated pop-up space on the first floor of Annex Rinascente in Milan. What are you waiting for? I am already there!



Image Credits: Superfluid Press Office