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The concerts are back, finally!

After two years of stop we go back to enjoy live music.


Lights, music, people, beers, heat and cold together. Saturday I arrived at the Coez concert forty minutes late. It was supposed to be 4/2, then postponed to 2/4. Those who know me well know how dangerous it is with me to make sudden changes of dates, without the help of Google Calendar then.

But last February we were still in emergency Covid19 and the concerts were banned, so it had been postponed. Two years in which the world of music, entertainment and events had to stop and with him all the workers who carry it forward. Not only those we see performing on stage, but several other people and specialized professionals.

Two years in which the light spirit and reckless momentum of us entertainment users has stopped. What makes you forget everyday life and that makes you think listening to your favorite song that then all the problems you thought you had, you don’t have them, and it can be really easy to hold the strings of your existence in a glorious way.

This is the power of concerts: to make people fall in love, to get angry, to reason and to realize that the soul can be extremely powerful. The vigour of one’s feelings, feelings and energies can change things, which should never remain static. We are not static, the human being is a dynamic animal.

Returning to Coez, despite being 40 minutes late I experienced another 110 minutes of entertainment and music, of people close to me incredibly inside my own show, of singing at the top, of movement and beauty.

It was beautiful and strange, for me, for us and for the artist who very often, excited, repeated it. Coez thanked several times for being there and they were not those graces of form, to be clear it was not a: "Thanks Milan!" but more a thank you to life and time, a thank you for being returned to a minimum of normality, a thank you for being able to do what you love most.

Thanks to the concerts that have returned, thanks to all those who made this happen. I don’t want to stop anymore.