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Sloggi presents “Shore”, the collection that protects the planet

Beachwear with a moral

By Giulia Lucci

If you are a lover of originality, Shore is the answer you have been looking for. A beachwear collection with a moral background: respect the planet.

Over time you will have heard over and over again about positive body, one of the fundamental concept on which Sloggi has been based for some time, but not the only one.

In fact, this brand does not want to bring out only the external beauty of each person, but to give light to the inner beauty.

Shore is a sustainable line of swimwear, for him and for her, the first step on a long journey linked to the protection of our planet.

The names of the collections are inspired by some of the islands that are most at risk due to climate change: Vanua Islands, Kosrae, Mili Atoll, Kiritimati, Yap Islands, Chukk and Cocos Islands.

Each of these is made up of mix & match garments. The very exclusive Sloggi line features resistant fabrics with the renowned REPREVE fiber, which generates materials from plastic recycling and is also equipped with fast drying, not to mention a comfortable fit suitable for all types of physicality.

Comfort and style come together in simple clothing for the beach, giving the wearer a fresh and fun look.

Buy a Shore garment to be fashionable and eco-sustainable at the same time!




Image: Sloggi Press Office