Sillabe Collection: here's where to buy the piece your friend could never have

Mamma says: "Better a particular piece, unique, than a thousand garments identical to those that have all"

By Fabiola Graziosi

Let me be honest, the classic movie scene in which you are dressed the same as your friend (sometimes even enemy eh!) is not so far from reality.

It often happens to me too, the same pairings, the same shoes, the same old story... really often! The desire for uniqueness tends to become stronger and stronger, especially in a virtual world where there is a real need to differentiate yourself from a sea of ​​identical profiles, in the true sense of the word.

When we grow up we start doing that famous reasoning that the mother did, and that at the time really sounded really absurd: "Better a particular piece, unique, that a thousand garments identical to those that everyone has".

I recently started to share the philosophy of the mother (and to envy her wardrobe), so I started looking for shops that would give an added value to my looks and that would obviously reflect my style.

I came across the Instagram page Sillabe Collection, Sara's all-Italian project, 29 years old and a great passion for finding treasures. Yes, because what Sillabe offers are not simple clothes but real stories.

Vintage pieces and pieces handmade by the founder. A unique mix of more and less recent stories that seem to be so in tune that it seems to come from a single creative flow.

Obviously, as soon as I had access to all those rouches, pearls, white flowers, mini flowers and schoolgirl collars, I couldn't help but want to tell about this beautiful project.

Ah, I also selected my five favorite pieces!

Here are below:

I'm curious to know which ones are yours, discover them and buy them by clicking HERE.