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SHEIN X: the voice of emerging designers

Dreams come true

By Sofia Tonola

You have often heard of young people and their innovative ideas, but few are able to give them a voice. Non the less there is someone who has succeeded and strongly believes in these fresh talents. 

That's why the international e-tailer SHEIN has decided to launch the “SHEIN X program”, where young people have the opportunity to be heard and to develop their creative ideas.

 In the fashion world it is often difficult to make one's voice heard, the strong competitiveness means that being able to express oneself, or simply to be seen and/or heard, becomes a challenge, even if you have great creative talent.

But unfortunately many times this creative talent is not enough to be able to create and launch your own brand, it needs to be accompanied by a strong marketing strategy. 

This is where SHEIN X comes into action, because it not only allows young people to work together with their designers but they are also assisting them in all different stages of the process.

From design and creation of samples to production and distribution through their official website and also giving them a  360 ° support in digital strategy, from the creation of the look-book  and photographic material of the collection, to digital PR and influencer marketing. In addition to the strong visibility on their online platform, part of the profits from the sales of the collections will be shared with the designers, thus allowing them to grow their brand and continue to realise their dream.

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Young creatives, what are you waiting for to be successful in life? It is not because you have not been given a opportunity !

 SHEIN X will launch one designer per month, with a focus on Italian designers starting in July

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Un post condiviso da SHEIN.COM (@sheinofficial)