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SHEIN X arrives in Italy with the illustrator and designer Eva Novielli

An all-Italian capsule collection, signed by emerging artist Eva Novielli, designer and illustrator from Bari

By Milena Soci

SHEIN X is a program created by the fast fashion giant of the same name, aimed at encouraging, promoting and supporting small independent designers.

Thanks to this project, in fact, new talents have the opportunity to be known worldwide, entrusting the production, marketing and sales directly to the team of SHEIN, to "lighten" the responsibility and direct young artists towards the most profitable way.

This time, the lucky designer to have been selected by the brand is Eva Novielli, new in the fashion industry, who has been given the opportunity to create a personal collection with her own illustrations.

The artist has already made a name for herself by participating in numerous international exhibitions and shows, exhibiting her artwork and illustrations in bright colors, fun, fantastically pop.

Monday, July 12, 2021, SHEIN finally published the collaboration on all the brand's websites and e-commerce, opening the doors to a new and innovative career for the designer.

The designs, textures and even the models take up the Pop-art strand typical of the illustrator, emanating "sparkling", carefree emotions, in tones perfectly in tune with this torrid July. The irony and femininity are palpable, the fun atmosphere and the '60s make you smile just at the sight of the first promotional poster.

"Guess what? I created my first capsule collection of clothes for SHEIN! It all started back in April when the brand approached me about a collaboration and now it's here, live! It's been so much fun creating these designs, I really hope you enjoy them!" says Eva in the Instagram post, shortly after the big announcement.



Image: SHEIN X Press Office