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SHEIN celebrates love with the Pride capsule collection

A video and a collection that honor love in all its forms: #LoveIsLove

By Lucrezia Candelori

Love is love, always.

It’s with this slogan that on the occasion of Pride MonthSHEIN launches its themed capsule collection, presented by a video which aims to celebrate love in all of its aspects. 

The collection was not randomly made: SHEIN has always fought for rightsequality and inclusivity at 360°. This year the brand decided to stand with the LGBTQIA+ community, creating a colourful, lively and original collection, capable of conveying its main values. 

Equality, alliance, love and bravery are some of the key concepts that SHEIN decided to transmit through its video, where versatile and trendy clothing stand out, combining a monochromatic palette with vibrant prints and rainbow slogans. 

A young, fresh and straightforward way to remind everybody that love always wins. 


Image: SHEIN Press Office