She Rules: June Edition / Chiara Cascella


By acrimonia

The protagonist of She Rules this month is Chiara Cascella. Founder of EspressOh, 100% Italian indie beauty brand, @chiarolac told us how her project is born, what are her expectations, her dreams and passions. Tell us about yourself and what you do in life. I'm 29, I'm from Abruzzo but I've lived in Milan for 10 years. I lived in the United States, in Singapore and in Paris for study and work but I’m very attached to Italy and to my roots and this is where I want to live. I love traveling, the sea and surfing, tattoos, food, coffee (of course). In life I’m an entrepreneur, which means everything and nothing, “I know”. I worked 5 years in the beauty industry and two years ago I decided to leave my career in the company to dedicate myself to my business project, so in December last year I launched EspressOh, a beauty brand that wants to bring so much freshness, authenticity, style, starting from the basics of make-up, from everyday gestures. A brand in which the must-haves are reproduced in a strong, authentic and decisive style. sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine1 sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine9sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine2 sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine10sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine3 How did the idea of EspressOh come about? The idea of ​​EspressOh was born from the desire to create the first 100% Italian indie beauty brand, a brand of products back to basic, easy to use but at the same time cool and impactful and that's how it came to my mind the idea of ​​espresso coffee that contains all these elements because it’s strong, decisive and essential in the same way. Obviously 100% Italian. sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine6 sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine14 sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine15 How much has the Instagram power counted for the launch of your brand? So much, even if I think that a few years ago it would have been easier to exploit this instrument. This is a time of strong change for social media and being able to reach a critical mass of people is more complicated. However, for a brand like EspressOh in which pictures are fundamental for transmitting the values ​​of the brand and the quality of the product Instagram remains an unparalleled tool to date. sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine12 sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine13 sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine5 sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine4sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine11 Three things you would definitely like to do as soon as possible. Make EspressOh an internationally recognized beauty brand. Return to Mexico and Tokyo. Surfing. sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine16sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine8 sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine17sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine7 sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine18 Who will you be in 10 years? Always the same Chiara, some more wrinkles and more tattoos, and I hope mum of two rebels. sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine14 sheruleschiaracascellaespressoh_acrimoniamagazine15 Click here to discover She Rules last episode. CREDITS: Photography: Lorena Florio MUA: Alessia Mirabelli Thanks to: Logos PR, Domingo Communication, Attila&Co Look 1 Dress 19.70 Seventy Shirt 19.70 Seventy Boots Collini Sunglasses Moscot Lipstick EspressOh Look 2 T-shirt 5 Preview Jacket 5 Preview Skirt Prada Boots Unisa Lipstick EspressOh Look 3 T-shirt Stylist own Jacket Shirt A Porter Bag Il Bisonte Shorts Levi's Shoes Pretty Ballerinas Lipstick EspressOh Look 4 Shirt 19.70 Seventy T-shirt Primark Sunglasses Etnia Barcelona Skirt Le Gallinelle Sandals Birkenstock Lipstick EspressOh