She Rules / February Edition: Agata Grzeczny


By acrimonia

We met Agata, a sweet-looking student. A freelance, dynamic, proactive, bewitching model, Agata told us her story on the occasion of the February Edition of She Rules. Tell us about yourself and what you do in life. I was born in Poland and at 6 I moved to Italy with my parents. If I had to describe myself in a single word I would choose determined, if I set myself a goal point to reach it at all costs. I'm in the second year of Jurisprudence and I'm a freelance model. I started posing when I was 15 and over the years I have cultivated my passion for the fashion world. Milan and the people I met here have helped me in everything. sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-19sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-3 sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-4sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-18sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-20 What do you try to convey through social media? I use mainly Instagram. I see it as a means of making myself known better. I would like to send a positive message. The message of a normal girl who engages normally, she studies normally and tries to do her best in everything she does. sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-26 sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-25 sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-24sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-1 sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-2sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-23 sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-22 sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-21 Three things that you absolutely want to do as soon as possible.

  • To sleep
  • Go to the exhibition on Romanticism
  • A trip to Paris
  • sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-27 sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-28sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-30 sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-33  sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-31
Your biggest dream? Realize all the goals that I have set over time. I would like the future me to be satisfied and proud of the choices made, without remorse. sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-40sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-36sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-14 sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-13 sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-12sherulesfeb2019agatagrzeczny_acrimoniamagazine-34   The item of clothing or accessory that you think is more trendy now. I love Alyx and whatever it proposes: bags, belts, shoes... in short, everything. A special thanks to Silvia, owner of the Eroici Furori space. A place dedicated to art and culture in Porta Venezia. An evocative environment, complete expression of the passion of its founder.   Click here to discover the protagonist of the last episode of She Rules.   CREDITS: Photography: Alecio Ferrari Assistant: Giacomo Colombo Make-up: Cinzia Trifiletti Location: Gli Eroici Furori, Arte Contemporanea, Via Melzo 30 Thanks to: LogosPR, Domingo Communication Look 1 Blazer: Tagliatore Trousers: Ottod'Ame Socks: Calzedonia Shoes: Unisa Look 2 Trousers: 5Preview T-shirt: Avant Toi Dress: Manteau Stories Jacket: W.E. Shoes: Converse Look 3 Trousers: Seventy Cardigan: Seventy Socks: Calzedonia Shoes: Miu Miu Look 4 Blazer: Seventy T-shirt: Avant Toi Hat: Atome