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She Rules / December Edition: Ludovica Melisurgo


By acrimonia

December. The protagonist of the Christmas month is Ludovica Melisurgo, better known as @_la_lou on Instagram, influencer, model, enthusiast based in Milan.

We asked her a few questions, that's what she told us.

Tell us about yourself and what you do in life.

I was born in Naples and I’m 26 years old. I started working as a model rather early, after attending a course of behavior. Before I had experience in various showrooms as a model, then I did many campaigns for the Neapolitan Interland brand. I worked in the clubs for a while, I enjoyed it, but it's not for me...

I had a strong passion for tattoos from an early age. I started tattooing seriously at age 20, so I had to give up some jobs and started looking for someone else. At a certain point in my life I felt the need to leave Naples, because it was a city that gave me no more stimulation, so I moved to Milan. And here I am from four years. The beginning wasn’t easy, but now I cannot complain. I’m an ambitious and meticulous person, not by chance I am a virgin ascendant virgin.

If I do something I want to do it well, without ever being satisfied. I would like, at times, to be more sure of myself.

What is the most engaging work experience done so far?

I have lived several rather stimulating work experiences. I was part of the cast of “Zoolander 2” as an appearance. Living three days on a set like this was a wonderful experience that I will remember for a lifetime. Since I moved to Milan, then, I had more interesting collaborations. However, I think that a job that really excited me has not been there yet.

I love what I do, I'm happy with my life here, I'm optimistic, I always hope for the best.

Three things you absolutely would like to do in the shortest time possible.

  • Open a vintage shop.
  • Make many trips, discover new places and learn about new cultures.
  • Learn English.


What is the clothing’s piece of your dreams?

I don’t dream a clothing’s piece in particular. I love sneakers, furs (synthetic) and bags. I have no reference brand, I don’t have an obsession with objects of desire. First of all, I'm dressed in my tattoos!

Do you think you can inspire with your looks?

Yes, I think that my looks, sometimes eccentric, can be inspiring.

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CREDITS Photography: Monika Mrozik

Make-up: Alessia Mirabelli

Thanks to: Logos PR, Domingo Communication, Blue Distribution