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Italian Secret Services, first woman at the top: Elisabetta Belloni new general director of Dis

Nominated by Draghi, she will replace Gennaro Vecchione. It is the first time in history that a woman has risen to the top of the Intelligence

By Angelica Tanzini

Elisabetta Belloni, for years head of the crisis unit of the Farnesina, has always “fought” on the front line, relying on her great experience.

Experience gained in the field, managing the kidnappings of Italians in Iraq, collaborating with the 007 and becoming a point of connection for the government's action for the release of hostages, but also a supporting figure for their families.

Elisabetta was not only ambassador, she not only led the crisis unit of the Farnesina and International Cooperation, she also played the role of general secretary, the first woman to hold this position, sitting on one of the most important internal roles.

A very popular woman, given her many honors, we are sure she will be worthy to lead in this new adventure.

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