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Serena Williams: The Future I Want for My Daughter

This fall Serena Williams' first collection debuts in collaboration with Nike and the talents that emerged from her Serena Williams Design Crew (SWDC)

By Camilla Alcini

The African American tennis champion Serena Williams, nicknamed The Queen, has always been a bulwark of the value of diversity. It is therefore no coincidence that she is an icon not only of sport but also of black culture who has created an apprenticeship program with Nike to promote diversity in design.

In fact, in 2019 the Serena Williams Design Crew brought together 10 talented designers, each specialized in a discipline, in New York City, with the aim of creating a collection of female performance and lifestyle clothing inspired by the tennis player.

This collection, after two years of behind-the-scenes work, will be released in autumn 2021. It includes clothing, footwear and accessories.

Lo sport è probabilmente una delle community più diverse che abbiamo in questo mondo. E la migliore versione dello sport è quella che è aperta a tutti. Lo sport mi ispira, e spero di aver ispirato altri attraverso di esso.

“Sport is probably one of the most diverse communities we have in this world. And the best version of the sport is the one that is open to everyone. Sport inspires me, and I hope I have inspired others through it.

This is where I saw the Serena Williams Design Crew making an impact. With Nike, I am combining my love of sport and design, working to build more inclusive and equitable communities that inspire new generations to love sports and pursue their dreams.

When you have diversity, you discover new perspectives and end up achieving better results.

This is a program for people who without this opportunity might never have had the opportunity to be designers for the largest sports brand in the world.

When I walk into a studio, I want to see everyone sitting at the table and involved: someone who looks like me, my father, my husband. I want the designers who work with me to know that their experiences have value, that their qualities are real, their voices heard and respected. It is also the future I want for my daughter.

A champion with a capital C.



Credit Images: Nike Press Office