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Selena, Miley and Ariana. Do they need surnames? I don't think so

But if we really want to be precise, they are Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. Young, beautiful, talented


Established artists who, especially lately, have churned out singles where they speak head-on about broken loves, sometimes difficult relationships and being themselves.

Selena's song “Single soon”, as the title suggests, is about her becoming single again and in the video, surrounded by friends as she makes a night of it in sequins and sequins, she is smiling, almost giddy, and we like it that way.

Perhaps by now saturated with gossip almost always about her historic relationship with Justin Bieber, which ended a long time ago, she is back to making people talk about her music. Because you can suffer the end of a love affair but you can and must always flourish again.

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And speaking of flowers, after the success of Flower, Miley Cyrus gives us Used to be young and with her biting, strong voice, without regrets or remorse, she casts a glance at her past, never regretting what has been.

In the video with her head held high she looks straight into the camera, tears streak her face but her gaze never droops, she is always proud.

With a Mickey Mouse T-shirt reminiscent of her early days as a kid (she was in the Disney Channel clan) and the rest of the outfit that doesn't go unnoticed and makes her shine, she reminds fans, haters and her ex that she is not afraid of what she has been and what she will be.

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All in the past but in a different guise from the first version is Ariana Grande's single, which is not brand new but part of a project celebrating 10 years since her first album.

The song has undergone a change that we perceive a lot especially through the video which is a sort of live performance where the singer, accompanied behind her by an orchestra, makes this song more intense. It talks about how a love can change, likening it to a car journey, trying to get back on track in an attempt to retrace and relive happy moments.

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The three artists just mentioned could not be more different from each other, and yet one thing makes them similar and, fortunately, unites more and more singers: the desire, the need for themselves and their audience to bring out, to eviscerate, to throw their weaknesses or presumed weaknesses, their past, their desire to be loved but also to enjoy a change.

This is definitely a lesson, not only for the younger ones. An act of strength, of liberation that we like so much and that we hope will continue.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios