Discover the Primark capsule collection dedicated to Toy Story

The brand pays tribute to the Disney PIXAR movie

By acrimonia

Primark has decided to create a new exciting capsule collection, this time paying homage to one of the most famous and beloved Disney PIXAR movie: Toy Story. The collection consists of a part for women, men, objects and children. Run in all the Primark stores and find out which are your favorite capsule collection items! Discover our selection in the images below: primarktoystory_acrimoniamagazine1 primarktoystory_acrimoniamagazine7 primarktoystory_acrimoniamagazine6 primarktoystory_acrimoniamagazine5 primarktoystory_acrimoniamagazine4 primarktoystory_acrimoniamagazine3 primarktoystory_acrimoniamagazine2