Schwarzkopf and home hair care

For a neat look ready for any sudden video call

By Valentina A

With the hairdressers closed and the free time that abounds, many of us are dedicating themselves to a do-it-yourself hair care: cuts, dyes and creases that were previously delegated to professional experts have now become our daily bread, with results sometimes disastrous and sometimes surprisingly good.

One of the reference points for home (but also professional) hair care is Schwarzkopf, one of the most important cosmetic companies in the world, born in a small emporium in Berlin in 1898.

Since then, the giant founded by Hans Schwarzkopf has come a long way, and even today his name is a guarantee of quality and professionalism.

Today we offer you the news proposed by the beauty brand for this spring:


A practical, functional and small footprint product that winks at the need for speed of our times and the ever increasing attention to the environment and the reduction of plastic packaging.

Gliss Hair Repair 2in1 is a combination of shampoo and conditioner. Perfect for the daily beauty routine of the hair but also super practical to take with you to the gym or while traveling cleanses and detangles giving the hair softness, nourishment and brightness.

Its formula is enriched with KeratinSerumche, repairs existing damage and strengthens the cellular structure of the hair, preventing future damage. The result? Up to 85% less broken hair.


Even if closed at home, regrowth is annoying and often becomes a fixed nail.

Retouching Regrowth is a spray to be dispensed directly on the affected areas to guarantee a temporary retouching (go away with a simple shampoo) and immediately obtain a more refined and orderly appearance.

Thanks to its special formula based on micro-fine cosmetic pigments, it perfectly covers the lightest and grayest root in a few seconds and gives a harmonious color with the rest of the lengths. Available in 4 shades: black, brown, red and dark blonde.


To get a perfect color as at the hairdresser, the must-have is Palette Classic, the famous Schwarzkopf hair coloring dye that today presents itself with a new look (and a brand new more sustainable pack) and new shades and performance.

Its formula is enriched with Keratina integrated in Salonplex technology, for 360 ° protection of the hair. The result? The quality of the hair has visibly improved and you have up to 80% less broken hair, while the intensity of the color is guaranteed for up to 10 weeks.


The ideal choice for those who prefer a permanent ammonia-free coloring. This tint, developed by coloring professionals, is infused with oil to maximize the coloring action and give a supreme intensity while ensuring, at the same time, the duration of the color and professional coverage of white hair.

Its formula is now perfected thanks to a better viscosity of the coloring mixture for a simpler and more uniform application. In addition, a nourishing Argan Oil based conditioner marketed according to fair trade principles has been added to ensure a soft and silky result. Available in 8 shades.


A real beauty elixir based on Argan oil that makes hair soft and shiny by repairing them and giving them extra shine to never go unnoticed.

There are 3 application possibilities: before washing the hair for a specific treatment, after washing and towel-drying the hair for an intense treatment and for having an extraordinary softness without weighing it down and finally on dry hair as a final beauty touch to give structure and brilliance.