Relax in front of a tea with The Balm

Do you prefer it hot or cold?

By Sara Caposiena

"What’s the tea?" In English means what the latest gossip is, and what better time to talk about gossip, if not with your friends while you wear make-up ?! And from this ritual, The Balm takes inspiration for the new eye shadow palettes. One of the most avant-garde make-up brands in the beauty world, an American brand that has made its fortune through packaging, names and illustrations that are fun and irreverent. Despite the fact that The Balm resumes much of the 50s through its own aesthetics and the images depicted on the products, the latter stand out for their innovation, creating a perfect match between yesterday and today. thebalm_acrimoniamagazine 27 colors including a white and a black primer, to intensify the color, are what you will find inside the palettes: Hot Tea and Iced Tea. But the brand is not only attentive to the delicious packaging or teapot-shaped pods: in fact both products are infused with chamomile to calm sensitive skin, and with hibiscus to firm it. PRICE: € 36.00 Curious, then, to know the latest gossip at The Balm? The palettes will be available exclusively in the Douglas and on Douglas.it.