What stylists (don’t) say: interview with Alice Manfroni

“Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to do this job”

By acrimonia

Just scroll through Alice’s Instagram profile to sense her eclectic soul and the many anecdotes to tell. Color, history, animals, music, travel. In BIO: stylist, creative consultant, fashion director of @soapoperafanzine and founder of @here.after. Then?

Fascinated by her world, we asked her a few questions.

Let’s start with the hardest question, how do you become a stylist?

Ever since I was a kid, I always knew I wanted to do this job.

I was interested in photography and focused on the fashion that made up the image. A very imaginative game that gave me inspiration for someone. I have always been very curious and I believe that the real thrust for this job is precisely research, deepening, going beyond what only the eyes see. Sometimes even try to be other, experiment. Thanks to cinema, music, art all this is possible.

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Moroccan beauty routine✨

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What is the creative process behind a fashion editorial?

My creative process usually starts with a clue, something that gets my attention. From there I start to deepen it through books, internet, archives to get to a wide search of images related to the starting point.

In detail this visual search is called moodboard and is the basis to start then to do a research from the material point of view and realize the story.

From London to Milan, what is the difference in terms of job opportunities between the two cities?

In London you can always breathe new air, you have that feeling of walking on a terrain that day will be already different. When I lived that frenzy of metamorphosis I was excited, I chased it.

Now I have to admit that I need to process the changes more, so a city like Milan is perfect. In the last few years Milan is offering a lot but at some rhythms livable, more reflective and this I like very much.

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Nata per essere sobria🙋🏻‍♀️

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Your IG account is a mix of imaginary, what are your main sources of inspiration?

My Instagram is a moodboard of what I like and love. Over time, it’s changed parallel to me.

Today is a collection of pictures taken during trips, moments, parties, life and beyond. It’s all about me, starting with selfies to get photographic cues that take my attention.

I get inspired by the books I have at home, very good photo portals on the internet, specialized sites in what I like… alchemy, flowers, yoga, Japanese erotic art, fashion in the years 90… and many other worlds. 

I’d call it a “private visual diary” in social media era.

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Dall’album dei ricordi, giorno x, quarantena: Quando mi sentivo Missy Elliot sui set e @ilaria_gambi immortalava la scena ❤️ . . #funnyjob #missmyjob #cicredevo

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You have founded “Here After” a brand of essential oils for mind and body, where does the need come from? What is the goal?

Here After is a small collection of essential oils that binds so many aspects that are close to me. In the first place the yoga that I practice for several years and that is caring for me and then the passion for nature that is freedom and exploration.

They are essential oils that I thought to help us devote more time to ourselves, starting from the use as normal but important perfume (the aroma therapy of ourselves is crucial to know us) to reach the meditation where they are employed to facilitate its processes and to feel it as a total experience. 

Who and where will Alice be in 10 years?

WOW what a question! I don’t know where to see me, in what city, perhaps in Milan, perhaps closer to my land in Romagna, I really don’t know.

What I am certain is that I want to continue to explore, study, keep my brain on, travel, to arrive in 10 years and be the person I now imagine: happy and always a little better :)

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The shibari shoes series @the_antonio_archives #80’s

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